Sneaker Spotlight: Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0

With a redesigned flexible sole for better mobility and traction, the latest version of the Reebok Nano range is a shoe made for CrossFitters in mind.

While I’ve actually never done CrossFit before, I’ve been extremely keen to see how the popular Reebok Nano stacks up against my other cross-trainers. The CrossFit Nano 7.0 follows a long legacy of CrossFit shoes produced by Reebok and this iteration continues to make adjustments to silhouette and the fit. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the difference between the 7.0’s and the previous models (as many user reviews online say they prefer the 6.0’s).

The name nano comes from the inclusion of NANOWEAVE technology, the outer construction which provides breathability and flexibility for your workout. It’s like a perforated mesh which is designed to be more responsive to your foot movements. Other updates to the 7.0 include a refined structured fit for a stronger foundation as well as better cushioning and shock absorption providing a smoother experience during jumping and running movements.

One of my favourite things about the Nano 7.0 is the fit. I like my cross-trainers to feel tight and secure so I don’t even pay attention to what’s on my feet. The shoe also has heel clips to keep you snug and locked in, because the last thing you want is your heel slipping out the back. The anatomical toe box (basically that it’s slightly wider around the base of your toes) gives your toes room to move and splay naturally while you workout. It also feels reinforced again around the toes to stop them from being worn through.

When you first try on the Nano 7.0, it feels quite rigid both in the sole and in the upper so it may take a bit of getting used to. There’s not a lot of give or flexibility in most parts of the shoe so movements like burpees and lunges are a bit harder but at the same time, it feels very grounded lifts and landings. Following on from previous models, it has a 4mm heel to toe drop which means your feet are almost flat – making this shoe good for deadlifts. The new expanded RopeRro rubber sole is a little different from anything I’ve seen before but it’s super grippy and stable.

The CrossFit Nano 7.0 definitely lives up to its reputation. It’s an incredibly supportive, lightweight and stable training shoe which can handle whatever your workout throws at you – running, jumping, lifting, explosive take-offs and supportive landings. If you tend to have wider feet you might want to try this one on for size first because it is quite snug and narrow but you’re looking at a sturdy, locked-in, durable shoe that performs the way you would expect as a shoe designed for CrossFit workouts.

The CrossFit Nano 7.0 is available in men’s and women’s sizing online from 

Images by Christine Ai

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