What To Expect At Sydney’s Biggest Silent Disco Yoga


Working out is the new going out.

Who needs to go out these days when working out allows you to achieve the exactly the same things – catching up with your friends and working up a sweat. The best part is you won’t wake up the morning with a hangover and you’ll feel absolutely great about yourself. 2016 is truly the year of boutique fitness. Chain gyms are slowly becoming outnumbered by more specialised boutique studios and healthy nights out are well on the rise. One of the most popular events active events leading the charge is Flow After Dark – a silent disco yoga class. Flow After Dark, originally a team building experience for members of Paddington gym, Flow Athletic, has grown into one of Australia’s most in demand fitness event with previous dates sold out in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The growth has been so exponential that Flow have to keep finding bigger locations to fit everyone in. For their final event for 2016, Flow Athletic have announced their biggest event yet in Sydney with 1,000 yogis set to descend Hordern Pavillion on October 27th for a pre-Halloween celebration.

I attended Flow After Dark a few months ago in Darling Harbour and it was a totally unique experience. Co-founder of Flow After Dark, Kate Kendall said that the event came about from making yoga approachable, light-hearted and fun and in doing so making it accessible to everyone no matter their skill level. The concept of silent disco yoga may sound frivolous to most but the silent disco and the yoga combo actually complements each other quite well. Here’s what you should expect from Flow After Dark.

It’s still a yoga class.

Make no mistake, despite the huge turnout, Flow After Dark is at its core still a yoga class. Kate is one of Australia’s best and most well known yoga instructors and she’ll take you through a 90 minute session. There are also assistants walking around to aid with your positioning and guide you through the motions.

You’ll feel like the only person in the room. 

While there may be 999 other people in the class, the headphones will make you feel much more connected to the instructor. When the wireless headphones are on, it’s literally Kate’s voice in your ear. It’s basically like having a private yoga session with Kate Kendall – and who wouldn’t want that?

The beats are guaranteed to get you head-bopping. 

Resident Flow After Dark DJ James Mack is back again but this time he’s collaborated with Ministry of Sound on the playlist. While MoS traditionally has its roots in more high intensity electronic music, they’ve built a cutting-edge soundtrack to complement the event. Think low key, deep-cut bangers from Jamie XX, Odeza, Diplo – all of whom are on my everyday playlist so I’m pretty excited to flow to the beats.

There’s plenty of other stuff to do pre and post yoga.

Flow Athletic have partnered with brands with some like-minded health and beauty brands who will be on ground at the event. There will be a yogi braid station courtesy of AVEDA, Brita Active will be hosting a special ‘trade your plastic bottle’ initiative so you can trade in your old bottles for a discounted new one as well as sampling from Body Science, The Clean Treats Factory, Wild Kombucha and more, so make sure you arrive a little earlier so you have enough time to check it all out. You probably won’t be leaving empty handed either!

The final Flow After Dark for 2016 will be held at Hordern Pavillion on Thursday 22nd October and presented by Brita Active. Tickets can be purchased here

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