Support Your Sport With Champion’s Warrior Bra


Champion ban the bounce once and for all.

I’m pretty lucky I’m practically flat chested. Though there was a time in high school where I wondered whether if it was possible to jump from a B cup to some fuller overnight, I’ve recently learnt to appreciate the fact that being part of the the itty bitty titty committee is more of a plus rather than a pest when it comes to the activewear department.

The good news is for those who need a little more support for their sport there’s Champion’s Warrior Bra. There’s a lot of things to love about the Warrior Bra, particularly the attention to detail they’ve put in the technical design that battle the big problems – sweat, chafing, digging, comfort and above all, support. Let me break it down for you.

The Warrior Bra is made from lightweight, wicking fabric that is quick drying and draws away moisture – so no more embarrassing sweat patches in the middle of class! It also features a smooth, chafe-free bottom band with perforations to provide ventilation and airflow in the areas where we sweat most.

With comfort in mind, the bra has adjustable straps (that are slightly wider than what you’re probably used to) along with hook and eye back clasp to keep pressure off your shoulders an and eliminate dig marks. The cups are also moulded to hug the body and control movement to provide support for even the most demanding workouts.


The Verdict?

I trialled the Warrior Bra during one of my high intensity workout classes at Virgin Active with constant activity (and little recovery) with movements including box jump burpees, plank jump ins, kettle bell swings and push press so it’s safe to say it’s been through the ringer.

I felt everything was much more secure and supported in the Warrior Bra and definitely noted there was less bounce than there usually is. I’m a big fan of the racerback straps (although they can be harder to get into) that help hold everything in place and take the strain off your shoulders. The bottom band didn’t dig into my sides and the fast drying fabric held up really in the sweat. It was also dried after washing really quickly!

The only thing I will say is that it was a little difficult to get into. The hook and eye clasp had to be pulled quite tight (I’ll admit I did need assistance) but once secured, the band didn’t feel like it was tight or restricting my movement. The bra comes in black, blue and pink and is available in XS – XL which means the cups aren’t molded to your specific size. I didn’t have issues with the sizing but if you’re unsure it might be best to try it out at Myer. The Warrior Bra compresses but is still comfortable and provides all the necessary care for your pair! It’s best suited for more demanding workouts like running, cardio, boxing and HIIT.

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Shot by Christine Ai.


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