Five Minutes with Katharina Espinoza


Ever wanted to know what it’s like to launch your own activewear label?

Gold Coast local, Katharina Espinoza is the founder and designer of activewear brand, Femme Body. Whilst relatively new to the activewear game, Femme Body has been three years in the making with Katharina working two jobs around the clock to bring her ideas to life. She shares what it’s like to create her own brand from the ground up.

How did Femme Body come about?

I created Femme Body because I couldn’t find a high quality, luxury, activewear brand with classic, monochromatic designs. It’s no secret that women wear activewear in so many other places outside the gym, so I designed a collection that women can and will wear anywhere while exuding luxury and style.

I’m a creative person and love design, so I combined my love for an active lifestyle with fashion and created a sports luxe collection to launch Femme Body.

What sets Femme Body apart from other activewear labels? 

Femme Body is a boutique activewear label with the first collection featuring nine, carefully considered pieces. The collection wasn’t designed as a quick fix before moving onto the next trend, but instead, I wanted to create something of quality that women could invest in and wear for more than a season. The monochrome palette gives longevity and versatility to its wearer with the ability to mix the pieces into your wardrobe with ease.

In addition, some of the items are made from bamboo fibre which not only gives it a luxe, lightweight feel but is also environmentally sustainable. Bamboo fibre is known for its high moisture wicking, breathable and natural antibacterial properties being deodorising which makes it perfect to use for leisure and active outings.

Who or what inspired you to create your own label?

The confidence in women. I wanted to make sure my collection matched and enhanced confidence – when you look good and feel good in what you’re wearing, your confidence increases. This goes well beyond feeling good when working out so I wanted my pieces to boost the confidence of every woman who wore it – propelling her to believe in herself and push forward to achieve!

Describe Femme Body in three words…

Feminine, luxurious and comfortable.

What has been your biggest challenge that’s come from starting your own business?

My biggest challenge was time. I thought everything would come together a lot faster than it did. I’ve learned that things don’t always happen when you want them or need them to. In addition to starting Femme Body, I was completing uni and work full time so sampling fabrics, learning the design process and finding a quality manufacturer all took a lot longer to achieve than planned. But as a perfectionist, I realised you can’t rush perfection and I wanted to achieve that level of quality my customers would expect and deserve.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone would have given you upon starting your label?

As many of my friends are entrepreneurs, there was no shortage of advice! I’m so lucky and grateful for their support, I’ve realised that each business journey is different so it’s important to keep in mind that what works for one business might not work for another. Always trust your intuition, stay true to yourself and your brand and follow your heart.

You’ve got 30 minutes to fit in a workout – what do you do?

I am always on the go so I love a good HIIT/ Tabata workout!

Go-to smoothie combo?

Kale, spinach leaves, mango and green apple with coconut water. I can get my green dose and a sweet fix which works out perfectly for me – I’m a chocoholic!

Your workout tracks that are currently on repeat?

I love music from all different genres – when I’m working out it definitely has to be upbeat! My favourites on my playlist are: Lose Control – Missy Elliot, Come to Me – P Diddy, Take Over Control – Afrojack, Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz and Light it Up – Major Lazer.

Lastly, what’s your top tip for staying active and healthy?

Balance! My daily schedule is usually pretty occupied so incorporating balance into my lifestyle is vital to keeping me motivated and determined. By maintaining a good balance, it allows me to stay focused while not depriving myself of anything I love so I still get to experience a variety of workouts as well as food and living the life I love.

Shop the Femme Body range here and check out @femmebodyactive for more.

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