Five Minutes with Anna Heinrich

Anna Heinrich_NTC_Tour_Sydney

With only two weeks until NTC Tour, 2016 ambassador Anna Heinrich shares how she’s been preparing for the big day.

What’s been your biggest challenge thus far in your NTC Tour Journey?
Staying motivated. For me, this is the most important thing and you have to be focused on your end point, that being, NTC Tour Sydney. The best way to overcome this is to get your squad together and train train train!

What have you enjoyed most about the training in the lead up to the big event?
I love the variety of the training at the Saturday sessions aboard the MV Epicure – the Nike Women’s Mega Boat. There’s two more sessions to go until the main event on the 19th! I am certainly mixing things up this year when it comes to my training and have been doing a variety of exercises that range from boxing classes, HIIT classes, running sessions and my favourite of all… dance classes!

How would you define your training style?
The weeks leading up to the Tour have defined my training style for the better and I now make sure that whenever I train I make every minute count. I have become more dedicated and determined when it comes to my training. I’m definitely enjoying all forms of exercise and don’t want to discriminate one against the other as I think it’s SO important to mix it up! Different types of exercise target different muscles.

Do you have a go-to work out on the NTC app?
Carli Lloyd’s Metabolic Kick Hit – a 17 minute high intensity calorie-burning interval workout. All you need is a mat. If you’re short for time, this will become your go-to work out just like mine.

Favourite Nike workout gear/ footwear and why?
I am obsessed with the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tightsicon. They’re colourful, extremely supportive, lightweight and perfect for all forms of training. I am also slightly obsessed with the Lunar Sculpticon shoes. The have excellent support, great cushioning, not to mention how cool they look.

Your favourite post-workout smoothie combo?
A combo that includes: Acai, Vanilla protein powder, ice and half a banana – absolutely delicious!

That’s mine too – I love anything Acai! Any guilt-free snacks that you love to indulge in?
Youfoodz super food bar, trail mix, vegetable sticks (carrots, celery and capsicum) with my grandma’s home made dip.

Best advice that you’ve been given?
I once read “Don’t indulge in self-limiting thinking. Think empowering, expansive thoughts.” Mike Moore.

The one exercise you swear by…
body weighted resistance training – you don’t need a gym, it’s not bulking, you can do it indoors or outdoors and it’s great for mobilisation

Do you have any plans or future fitness goals once NTC Tour is over?
Once I’ve given my all to NTC Tour I’m setting my sights on the Nike Women’s half marathon in July. It will be my first ever half marathon but I can’t wait to start training for it.

Are you ready to bring it? It’s not too late to join Anna and 2,500 other women work up a sweat at NTC Tour Sydney later this month. Hurry, registrations close Sunday 6 March.

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