A Day In The Life Of A Nike Trainer – Phoebe Di Tommaso


Ahead of the NTC Tour, Nike Trainer Phoebe takes us through her typical day.

Meet Phoebe Di Tommaso. Pocket rocket, Ex-championship figure skater and now your friendly neighbourhood Nike Trainer. Phoebe was one of the local trainers in Sydney has recently relocated and is now sweating it out in your local Melbourne NTC studio. She shares with us a day in her life.

6.00am I usually bounce out of bed at 6am to my alarm – or sometimes even before, mornings are my favourite time of the day! I start the day with a glass of water first, then I’ll make myself a long black before heading off to teach my sessions.

7.00 – 9.00am I’m usually teaching classes, working with my clients or leading NTC sessions. I’ll have a piece of fruit or a smoothie if I get hungry, but usually all I need is a coffee to get me through.

9.00 – 10.00am Usually when I’m done teaching, I’ll grab another coffee, a smoothie (I make my own green smoothies) and a protein bar. Cave Food bars are my fave – they have a lot less artificial ‘stuff’ than other bars.

10.00 – 12.00pm If i’ve got time, this is usually ‘Phoebe time’. I LOVE training, or moving in any way everyday- so I make sure I prioritise time to make sure I can get my own training done. I like to have a really good balance during a week – so typically over the  week I get 2-3 running sessions out (sometimes intervals/sometimes longer, slower runs) as well as 2-3 gym sessions a week. I am focusing on NTC at the moment and using the app – the trainers have to be #NTCfit for NTC Tour Sydney too! I’ve been trying to get some lighter sessions including pilates/ yoga in too (my resolution for 2016 was more balance – I’m TRYING!)

If i’m not up teaching (Tuesdays and Sundays are my mornings off), I like to take advantage of the time, and train during my favourite part of the day! So I’ll usually be up (seriously – I can’t sleep in) doing a workout of some form – a NTC app workout, or a run, and I like to try to squeeze a yoga class on a Sunday! If I’ve got extra time, I like to head out to breakfast and explore Melbourne’s best cafes and coffee.

12.00 – 1.00pm Lunch is usually a mix of protein (eggs, fish, chicken) and I love being creative with salads, so lots of veggies, lots of colour! Salad is up there with my favourite meals – you just need to use your imagination, I promise!

1.00 – 4.00pm This is my ‘work time’ where I can program all my sessions and get my uni study in (I like to be busy!) and if I need it, I’ll sneak in a 15-30min power nap. Seriously try this nap thing – it will change your life!

5.00 – 7.00pm Back to work for me! Being a trainer means working outside of the regular working day – which I love, because I can fit so much more into my day!

7.00pm I LOVE to cook, so usually dinner is in. I decide on the weekly menu at the start of the week – then roll the meals out each night. I prefer to go out to breakfast, and then get creative with my dinners! Still usually along the same guidelines as lunch with proteins and vegetables – but I change it up a bit with stir-fry and roasted vegetables as well. Mornings are definitely bigger than evenings for me. I think it comes hand in hand with the job!

9.00pm No real rituals before bed, I finish the night with another glass of water and usually read a book for a little bit before my eyes shut – but usually by 9.30/ 10pm and I am done!


Phoebe is a Nike Trainer for NTC Tour 2016 on Saturday 19th March in Sydney and with live sites in Melbourne and Auckland. If you haven’t already, make sure you register your #NTCSquad here. Phoebe also runs regular training sessions at the NTC Melbourne Studio – check out the timetable and sign up here.

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